Yngling Worlds Competitors pictures

As promised at the price giving of the Yngling Worlds last week there is a photo of each competitor available for download on this page. Just:
- click on your number below
- the photo will be opened in a new screen (or tab)
- right click (to open popup) and click Save as...
If it does not work, please contact me at eize.nl@icloud.com.

AUS59   AUT296   DEN111   DEN155   DEN196
DEN216   DEN263   GER1   GER17   GER277
NED74   NED90   NED147   NED226   NED289
NED307   NED308   NED312   NED320   NED321
NED323   NED324   NED328   NED329   NED334
NED335   NED336   NED337   NED347   NED349
NED350   NED355   NED368   NED370   NOR251
NOR344   NOR404   NOR411   SUI225    SUI320
SUI398   SUI454   SUI455   SUI458